13/10/14 OUT NOW ! STKZ028 :: LONG-SAM - Shout (CS)
STKZ028 | LONG-SAM | Shout

Release date : Oct 13th, 2014
Cassette limited to 50 copies
coming with digital download

1. A distant Breakthrough 05:17
2. The generals stood on 05:45
3. A runway 04:25
4. Looking at 07:53
5. The merciless unveiling of your shape 03:17
6. And no other 04:32

Long Sam "Shout" from STEAK AU ZOO on Vimeo.

Sami Toroi a.k.a. Long-sam is a music producer, composer and performer living in Helsinki, Finland.
He is a long-time collaborator with Jaakko Eino Kalevi and a member of the supergroup Yön Syke. Long-sam's solo shows are built with minimal distorted beats, floating synths and deep vocal melodies.